Tuscan Style Of Home Décor

Tuscany, is known for its heritage of rich art and culture of the age of European Renaissance in Italy. Many traces of this art and culture have also become the part of the region’s architecture which is now worldwide famous in the form of Tuscan style home décor.
Elements of Tuscan style interior décor are brushed with the touches of nature through stone walls, home fixtures of wrought iron alloy, brawny wooden furniture and stone flooring (marble or granite).
There are some distinctive features of Tuscan style of décor that you should know if you have some unconventional ideas for your next renovation and remodeling plan.  

Unpretentious colors

In today’s uber lifestyle of the metropolitans, we are now more exposed to the synthetic, vibrant colors. They might be good to elevate our energy levels in our hectic schedules. However, constant presence of strong, vivacious hues around you can lead to a saturation phase and can induce the overwhelmed feelings.
These negative effects of strong colors can be offset through Tuscan style of décor because color palette of this style of decorating aesthetics is blended in rustic hillside of the Tuscany region. Tuscany hues are calming because the colors are earthly and will have positive effect on your psyche.  

More traditional flooring

Flooring options in Tuscan style of décor also got the traditional strains. There are few options of flooring that can be incorporated with this traditional style of decoration.

Terracotta tiles

These tiles are made of a ceramic type that is derived from reddish brown clay. When they finally get in their final form, they bring subdued hues more proximate to the nature.  Terracotta tiles can be used for the flooring of kitchen and lounge if you are going with the Tuscan style of décor.

Mosaic inlay tiles

Since Tuscan style of décor has its roots in the age of Renaissance, therefore it’s inevitable to have mosaic inlay tiles as part of its flooring options. Mosaic inlay tiles will provide the feeling of grandeur without much animation. Putting a large mosaic inlay, as the centerpiece in your living room, will certainly turnaround the overall look of the space.

House fixtures

Many different house fixtures and accents can be a part of Tuscan style of decoration. For instance, rustic pendants, iron stands and scones made of wrought iron with more physical presence in your house space are some style features of Tuscan interior.


You can also integrate Tuscan architecture in your house if you are going with the plan of remodeling your house. After the renovation of your interior in accordance with Tuscan aesthetics, you will have jagged plaster walls, wooden beamed ceilings providing rustic look. Window fittings in the Tuscan light are also simple in their functionality. Most of the time, they are left without much furnishings to allow plenty of natural light.
If you want to have traditional, non-urban yet elegant and magnificent option for your interior then you should give a try to Tuscan style of décor.   

Therapeutic Effects Of Acupuncture For Migraine

Statistics suggest that around 12 percent American citizens are suffering from migraine. The effects of migraine are so severe that they can handicap people from carrying on their everyday activities. Here, we will discuss the therapeutic effects of acupuncture for migraine but first, let’s find out how migraine is different from general headache.

Difference between headache and migraine

Headache and migraine can be differentiated through the given pointers.

Pain intensity

Headaches and migraines feature pain however the extent of it is varied in both of them. Intensity of pains is much higher in the case of migraine. Migraine pain also get compounded and worsened with the feeling of throbbing inside the skull. It also results in the pain behind the eyes.


Tension and cluster type of headaches usually eased out within few hours. One the other hand, migraine can last for many days.


Headaches are usually accompanied with a single symptom of pain, while several symptoms are associated with migraine. People suffering from migraine become very sensitive to the light and illuminated ambiance aggravates the pain. Feeling physically and mentally disoriented is also one of migraine’s symptoms.


Lack of sleep and high levels of stress are the typical causes of headaches. Causes of migraine are more complex in nature. It can be caused due to hormonal changes in the body. Genetic history and nerve injuries can also lead to migraine.

Therapeutic effects of migraine are backed by research studies

Many people have a misconception about alternative medical treatments that they are not substantiated with scientific research and studies. According to one study in this domain, patients suffering from chronic migraine were subjected to 12 sessions of acupuncture over the period of 90 days. The results were very encourage because patients reported 34% less days of migraine pain resulting in fewer use of medicines. It also makes acupuncture a cost effective treatment option.

Physiological effects of acupuncture in treating migraine

It is believed that acupuncture treatment aids body to release endorphins, a hormone known as natural painkillers. Endorphins alleviate the disturbing consequences of migraine.
Five acupressure regions are focused during the treatment to inculcate the therapeutic benefits of migraine.

Third eye point in the forehead region

Acupressure is applied to the point where forehead meets the nose. This area is located between two eyebrows.

Temple region

Temple region is the side of the head behind the eyes. Several pressure points can be chosen in the area by an expert acupuncture practitioner to relieve the migraine pain.

Facial region

Acupressure is applied on the both side of the nostrils for opening sinuses to lessen its effect for migraine.

Neck region

Applying pressure and inserting needles at the back of the head between spine and ears is also done to treat migraines.

Hands & Feet

Hands and feet host many nerve endings therefore they are also treated with acupressure in migraine treatments.
With no significant side effects and cost effectiveness, one should give acupuncture a shot for the treatment of migraine.  

Subconscious Effects Of Interior Design

There has been enough discussion on the visual appeal of the interior design and how it makes your house stand apart and fill you with delight and a sense of achievement.
But with time, we have come to know that there is more depth to the effects of interiors design than these. It’s not just about a visual treat; interior design impacts us on a subconscious levels. Let’s get into the deeper layer of interior design and aesthetics.

Subconscious effects of color scheme

Whether you are going with minimalistic aesthetics or the rustic ones, colors are an integral part of every interior setting. Studies have shown us that colors have a very important role in the cognitive functions of the human brain. Here are some examples of interior design color schemes and their subconscious effects .


Green color scheme at the entrance of the house will induce a welcoming effect on everyone entering the house. Due to its tranquilizing effect and proximity to nature (nearly entire flora on the earth surface is draped in the hues of green), green is soothing.


Red imbues the feeling of vibrancy, power and passion. A living room adorned in the shades of red in the form of upholstery and accents affect the subconscious with its warmth and closeness.

Yellow and Orange

These two colors are linked with the sun and the sunlight. Yellow and orange are associated with instilling feelings of happiness, energy and creativity. Having lighting fixtures emitting these colors will make an ambiance very obliging for one’s artistic endeavors.


Blue is an ‘evergreen’ color to spread the fresh and calming signals to the deeper conciousness. Kitchen and dining areas decorated with the blue fixtures will helpful in uplifting the collective mood of the family.  


There is an inherent quality of purple which makes its association with royalty and lavishness in the brain. For drawing rooms and formal sitting space in the house, purple accents and upholstery are considered best to convey the feelings of splendor.


Last but indeed not the least, white color can make your house spacious and accommodating. White is passive in its conscious effects on the brain but subconsciously it evokes the feeling of purity and affability.
One’s character and personality is also assessed by others subconsciously by looking into the three distinctive characteristics of the interior design.


The functionality of the fixture in your interior will subconsciously make a strong effect on visitors.


Many items of interior design are easily evaluated by the visitors for their price and it is natural to match the worth of the item with its price.


Guests give great importance to the interior items that have strong emotional value for you. It also aids them to make a definitive opinion about you.
The color scheme of the interior design indeed has a deep psychological connection with humans and one should do their interior decoration by keeping these aspects in mind.  

Renovate Your Outdoor Space With Bamboo Fence

Out of many fascinating phenomena of the nature, bamboo, plant of grass family Poaceae, is one of them. It is considered one of the fastest growing vegetation out there with some species of it can grow around 36 inches within the span of a day. Stalks of this plant are considered one of the best material options for fencing. Some of the reasons that you should consider bamboo fencing for your outdoor are as follows.

Bamboo has higher compressive and tensile strength

Don’t get misled with their lightweight, bamboo are one of the best fencing choice out there with greater values of compressive strength. Due to this trait, bamboos are difficult to break as compared to traditional wood and kiln bricks. Moreover, there is no match of bamboo’s resistance to tensile forces. These strength features highlight that bamboo fences are strong enough to provide protection to the boundary of your house.

Bamboo fencing is an eco-friendly option

There is no industrial or manufacturing process involved in the making of bamboo fences unless they are getting furnished after harvesting. Growth pattern of bamboos also makes them an environment friendly option to be used in fencing. Professional harvesting of bamboo shoot doesn’t kill the plant in the process. So, you don’t have to feel guilty that the bamboo fence you are using is made of many dead plants.

Color them as per your own aesthetics

It is not a compulsion to use bamboo in only its natural hue and texture. You can match their appearance with the overall color and theme of the exterior of your house. In general, bamboos fit perfectly with the greenery of your lawn or yard in their natural form.

Natural weather resistant

Even without applying a sealant, bamboos are resistant to the adverse effects of UV rays of sunlight, rain and snow.

Ease of installation

If you are replacing the fencing around your house in the scheduled renovation, then you can pick bamboo fences because of the ease of installation. Bamboo panels can easily be installed into the existing frame of fence.  

Some exciting ways to use bamboo fencing

To cover unaesthetic patio walls

If your patio features conventional concrete walls and you want to renovate them, then use bamboo fence to cover the wall. This sudden transformation of the patio walls will certainly assures an attractive look of the outdoor space.

Rolled bamboo fencing: the most economic fencing option

Even if you are short on your budget, you have an option to provide best outdoor furnish in the form of rolled bamboo fencing. To add style, you can use attractive sceneries, paintings and screens on the rolled bamboo fence.

Adding privacy with dark brown bamboos

A screen-fence made of dark brown bamboos can be used to add privacy to your outdoor space. Since they are not stained, therefore not all bamboo sticks of the fence will have a same color. This color difference looks natural, beautiful and goes well with the outdoors.
For their cost, aesthetics and utility, bamboo fences are a perfect fit to renovate your outdoor space. 

Pool Accessories Needed To Enhance Your Swimming Experience

Having a pool as a part of your residence is a sure blessing, even if it is a small one. A pool in your home whether it’s in backyard or the front patio can turn your house space into a perfect oasis with the addition of some pool accessories.

Volleyball net

Most of us have played volleyball on the beachside but imagine having the same experience in water. Yes, you can replicate that the same experience with more excitement in your own pool. You just have to get volleyball net and of course a suitable ball and you are totally prepared to play water volleyball.
Playing volleyball under the extra pressure of water requires more power from the muscles. Therefore, water volleyball can also be played to have some muscle strengthening exercise. Isn’t that amazing that a mere volleyball net can add so much purpose to your pool?

Floating table tennis

Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor game all around the world. You can also make it an outdoor activity. You just have to get a floating table tennis for your pool. These tables are smaller than the standard-sized table tennis so you have to show some extra skills of the game to overcome your opponent. Slight movement of the table due to the buoyant nature of water will also add excitement to the game.

Floating or a poolside basketball hoop

You can also play water basketball by getting a floating basket ball for a moving target or have a fixed hoop at any side of the pool. The maneuvering through the water will be challenging and it will add more interest in the game.

Water slide

A simple addition of water slide to the poolside can surround your pool with lots of excitement. There are various options you can use depending on the need and utility of the slide in your house. If your household have children then it would be better to install a plastic or fiberglass slide. If you don’t want to have your poolside space covered permanently with the slide, then go with inflatable options. Inflate it at the time of pool activity and once you are done with the poolside fun, deflate it and store it away.
Both type of slides come in different shapes and sizes, most common are straight and spiral-shaped slides. Some expensive options also have the in-built water sprinklers of their own. There is no doubt that a water slide can transform your pool into a water park.

Pool floats and lounges

If you are not interested in physical activities around the pool but still want to add something new to your pool experience then get pool floats and lounges. You can lie down on them to have a sunbath or to go in the meditation over the water.
If you think that your swimming pool routine has become mundane, then add some flare with the discussed accessories and related poolside activities.